Directorate-General for Equal Treatment



Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Directorate-General for Equal Treatment
address: H-1055 Budapest, 9-11 Falk Miksa Street
postal address: 1387 Budapest, PO Box 40
phone number: (+36-1-) 475-7129; (+36-1-) 475-7100
toll-free green number: +36-80-215-000
fax number: (+36-1-) 269-1615

Electronic communication

Clients who are obliged to maintain electronic communication under the EAS Act (Act CCXXII of 2015 on the general rules of electronic administration and trust services) shall submit their applications or file other petitions solely in the manner defined by the EAS Act.
In the procedure of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, all submissions can be filed through e-Paper, with the exception of the requests for the judicial review of the decisions of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.

The Office’s KRID number is 420418398, its abbreviated name is “AJBH”