null Ombudsman Monitors School Guards in Veszprém County

Dr. Ákos Kozma held a professional meeting at the County Police Headquarters in Veszprém. He announced the launching of a comprehensive monitoring activity into the work of school guards serving in the county with regard to the enforcement of fundamental rights on 20 February 2024.


The technical meeting was attended by Police Colonel, County Police Superintendent Mr. Balázs Dékány, the senior officials of the Veszprém County Police Headquarters and the appointed leaders of ORFK (the National Police Headquarters). 
During the professional coordination meeting, the Ombudsman and Director-General of Police Complaints Department Dr. Domonkos Wildner were informed of the work, training and circumstances of the performance of the responsibilities of the school guards serving in the county.  
After the meeting, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights paid a visit to the Táncsics Mihály Technical School of the Veszprém Centre of Technical Vocational Training, where he found out about the activities of the school guard serving there. 

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