According to Commissioner for Fundamental Rights László Székely, this unprecedentedly grave situation, created by mass migration, requires an adequate, responsible solution that is in harmony with human rights standards. The Ombudsman is investigating the concrete developments in the matter and has personally conducted an on-the-spot inspection examining the circumstances. The Commissioner as the UN National Human Rights Institution and his Deputies are continuously monitoring the measures aimed at handling this humanitarian crisis situation.

As stated by László Székely the handling of the humanitarian problem is of prime importance. Discussions on the medium and long-term treatment of the refugee issue are legitimate and important, but one should see the human being in every refugee even in the midst of searching for solutions. László Székely has called the attention to the fact that there are more and more children among the refugees arriving at the Hungarian border; in accordance with both domestic and international law, they require extra attention and care from the Hungarian State.

According to the Ombudsman, in this extraordinary, unprecedented situation the authorities should provide clear and unequivocal information to the public and to those concerned, as well. Handling this situation is expected to weigh heavily on the country for a long time; therefore, it is worthwhile to rely on the professional assistance and advice of international human rights institutions, in particular the UN, the UNICEF and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The Commissioner indicated that he is willing and ready to cooperate in tackling this task. László Székely agrees with UNHCR's call to make it possible for all humanitarian organizations to extend continuous assistance to refugees at the reception centers near the border, to improve on-site coordination, the conditions of reception and the communication with the refugees. Well informed people are more willing to cooperate even in crisis situations. The Ombudsman has also called the attention to the responsibility of those who address the public in this matter.

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights has expressed his gratitude to all those Hungarian and foreign private individuals, civil society and church organizations who have been volunteering to help the refugees through their donations, activities, institutional and personal sacrifice.

The Ombudsman has also pointed out that those policemen and the staff-members of various authorities, who try and find solutions to the ever-growing number of problems they have to face in their interaction with the refugees, deserve utmost recognition and respect.