null Proposed by Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, CSOK (family housing allowance) becomes accessible to a wider scope of persons on disability allowance

In his report No. AJB-1665/2023 of 17 April 2023 on the legal criteria of using the family housing allowance (CSOK), the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights drew attention to that the CSOK decrees require the existence of a social insurance legal relationship as a prerequisite for using the allowance as a general rule. 

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights proposed that this criterion do not refer to those applicants who exclusively receive disability allowance, i. e. to persons with changed working abilities with no regular earnings, including a social insurance legal relationship. 

In its response to the report sent to the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the Ministry of Culture and Innovation provided information on that, in compliance with the proposals made in the report, the CSOK decrees were amended with effect from 1 September 2023. As a result of this modification, the persons who receive disability allowance with regard to their changed working abilities may apply for the family housing allowance even in lack of a social insurance legal relationship, as long as they meet the other statutory requirements.