UNHCR regional representative at our Office

Sep 5, 2017
Sep 6, 2017
On September 5, 2017, Deputy Regional Representative of UNHCR Central Europe Mr Jon Hoisaeter and Protection Associate at UNHCR Regional Representation for Central Europe Ms Katinka Huszár paid a visit to our Office. The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Mr László Székely, Secretary General Mr Miklós Garamvári, OPCAT representatives Ms Katalin Haraszti and Mr Gergely Fliegauf, as well as Deputy Head of Public Law Department Ms Szajbély Katalin represented our office. The main goal of the meeting was to re-establish the ties between the two institutions and to appoint a contact person from the UNHCR Regional Representation for continuing the tradition of exchanging information, knowledge, professional materials and expertise between the two offices.  In addition to this, some potential areas of cooperation between the two organizations were outlined, and some current issues, as well as the challenges faced by Europe in relation to migration were discussed. The issues of unaccompanied minors, transit zones, border fences, the treatment of children older than 13 years of age in the transit zones were of particular interest to the UNHCR representative. The OPCAT representatives also summed up the activities performed by the Ombudsman in his capacity as NPM. Mention was made of the Office’s relations with the civil society organizations too. The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere.
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