Ombudsman's tent on the Children’s Island

Jun 17, 2017 8:00 AM
Jun 17, 2017 5:00 PM

Ombudsman’s tent on the Children’s Island

By now, it has become a tradition that our Office spends one weekend as a participant of the series of events of Generali Children’s Island, which is organized each June. The reason why we take part in the events of the Children’s Island is to find out about the opinions of children and parents, to answer their questions and to develop their rights awareness in a playful manner. There is nothing better than personal contact and conversation, and the children who visited our tent were obviously happy to play. We would like to make more and more people understand the responsibilities and activities of the Ombudsman, and what children’s rights mean in our everyday lives. This year, the staff members of the Office set up the Ombudsman’s Tent on the Children’s Island on the third weekend of June, i.e. on June 17-18. Despite the cool and windy, somewhat unfriendly weather on Saturday, we had many visitors, and on Sunday, which was also Father’s Day, the sunny, cheerful weather brought even more children and parents to our tent. As it has always happened before, the older children and their parents, sometimes in joint efforts, had the opportunity to test their knowledge and share their experience on children’s rights, the internet, the rights of national minorities in Hungary, as well as the protection of the right to the environment, via thematic quizzes. The children and adults who did the questionnaires could take part in a sweepstake, where they could win different kinds of gifts related to the Ombudsman both on Saturday and Sunday, on two occasions each day. The children were also presented with “fundamental rights” stickers with the figures familiar from the Commissioner’s children’s rights homepage. While their parents and older sisters and brothers were answering the quiz questions, the younger children, had the chance to make Rights Fairy and Ombudsgoblin figures (or anything else that they fancied) out of wooden spoons, with our colleagues’ help, while the even younger ones could fill in color-in sheets from the children’s rights homepage and pictures with fundamental rights messages, or they could just get a little rest in the tent. Our photos made at the event also suggest that there are many creative tasks in the Ombudsman’s Tent and both the young and the old had fun.

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