International conference on the communication of the hearing-impaired

Mar 2, 2016
Mar 3, 2016

International conference on the communication of the hearing-impaired


An international conference under the title "Developing communication of the hearing-impaired with a focus on learning lip-reading and speaking" was held in the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights. The host of the event, Ombudsman László Székely undertook the role of the main sponsor in the spirit of the Act regulating his activities: "... the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights shall ... pay special attention to assisting, protecting and supervising the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, promulgated by Act XCII of 2007." (Section 1, Subsection (3) of the Ombudsman Act)

Munka-Kör Foundation, the organizer of the conference aimed at drawing the potential employers' attention to various fields where deaf and hearing-impaired people may be employed. Furthermore, the conference was intended to present those, albeit stopgap methods that could make their integration into society easier, help them getting around in day-to-day life.

The conference focused on developing lip-reading and communication skills. In addition to the Hungarian experts on this topic, a guest from Germany, the founder of the Therapeutic Center for the Hearing-impaired (Therapiezentrum für Hörgeschädigte) in Munich also held a presentation. This institution provides personalized assistance to the hearing-impaired in acquiring the skills of everyday communication with the hearing. A personally affected Hungarian physician, who had come up with the conference's idea, also spoke about a situation when the hearing aid is not enough anymore, and the hearing-impaired have to learn how to lip-read; he also drew attention to the special importance of a meaningful rehabilitation process. The heterogeneous communication needs of the hearing-impaired, the possibilities of operation or implantation, the use of personal computers and the issues of financing were also touched upon; hearing-impaired participants shared their personal experiences in communicating with the hearing and the difficulties they had had to overcome throughout the process of learning.


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